Adapter & Crossovers

V Tech International provides one of the world’s largest variety of wireline adapters and crossovers. Offering an extensive range of standard or custom designed adapters and crossovers to meet many interfacing concerns for downhole tools. Adapters offer a quick and safe way to adapt from one connection style or size to another. Crossovers are accessible in variant sizes, lengths, and connection combinations to meet specific requirements of clients.

Adapter & Spools

V Tech International manufactures an ample range of Drilling Spools and Double Studded Adapter Flanges

API Spce 6A specified the overall length of 6BX Weld Neck Flanges as well as to achieve the length it provide the dimensions of specific portions of the flange, with tolerance, that are added together, along with an undefined weld bevel. According to customer requirement , V Tech International deliver the weld neck in stretched length.

Flanges Tees & Crosses

V Tech International is having expertisation in manufacturing the qualitative Studded Crosses & Tees, which are available in a number of sizes and having a pressure rating according to the API Product Specification.The application of crosses & Tees is to choke the manifold assembly or at a standpipe manifold assembly to divert, bypass or distribute the fluid flow.

Ring Joint Gaskets

V Tech International manufacture the metallic Ring Joint Gaskets which are tested and bold to bear the high temperature and Intensive pressure both at the same time. Metalic Ring Joint Gaskets are having segmentation and available in R, RX, BX styles and patterns and oval/octagonal profiles as well. Our products are having specific and great value of tolerances on CNC machines.

Plug Valves

V Tech International high pressure low torque Plug Valves are available in 2″ X 2″ and 2″ X 1″. They come in multiple bores and are available up to 15,000 PSI for standard service and 10,000 PSI for H2S or sour gas service. Our plug valves are pressure balanced type and have replaceable metal liners between the body and plug. Repair kits are also available to increase their life and make them perform safely for longer. These manually operated valves are fitted with high stem torques and manual gearboxes.

Hammer Unions

V Tech International offers a comprehensive range of standard and sour gas Hammer Unions. Each union is thoroughly inspected to ensure long, dependable service in the most extreme conditions.

Steel Hose Assemblies

  • Used in a variety of high pressure well service applications
  • Utilize swivel joint & hammer union end connections for fast and secure make up & breakout operations
  • Made to with stand cold working pressures up to 15,000 PSI for standard service and 10,000 PSI for sour service
  • V Tech International Steel Hoses Assemblies eliminate the need for exact alignment when installing to facilitate the routing of lines around fixed objects and simplify folding, transporting and storage of equipment
  • Available in stock at our distribution center in Houston

Pup Joints

SEW manufactures Pup Joints with integral hammer lug union end connections. This enables faster, easier make-up and break-out of temporary flow lines.

Integral fittings

Integral fittings are ideal for handling fluids at cold working pressures up to 15,000 psi. These products are featured with high-quality forged construction with integral wing union end connections for a high-strength, high-integrity connection every time. Tees, elbows, crosses, wyes, and laterals can be combined to suit virtually any installation.

Spare Parts

Hammer Union Seal Rings -
We manufacture Hammer Union Seals in Nitrile for standard service and in Viton for Sour Gas Service. In addition to the standard molded rubber seals, we offer these with either a brass or stainless steel anti-extrusion ring.

Swivel Joints

V Tech International manufactures Swivel Joints which are metallic pipe fittings with integral ball-bearing swivels.